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How is it to Work with Us?

Working with us means you receive personalized, attentive service tailored to your unique needs. We ensure clear communication and actionable insights, making the sustainability journey seamless and effective for your property. Our commitment is to help you achieve tangible results and long-term sustainability goals.

Client Focused

Continuous improvement to optimize client satisfaction through feedback surveys, client follow-up, and attractive offer bonuses.

Authentic Communication

Encourage authentic and transparent communication, where clients are empowered to express themselves openly, fostering a culture of trust and understanding.

Subject Matter Experts

Access to subject matter experts (such as LEED & WELL AP) who bring a depth of knowledge and experience in sustainability.


Committed to transparency, we also track and report our CO2 emissions, actively striving to reduce our environmental impact.

Company Values

What is Important to us

Empowerment Through Education

We believe in teaching our clients, providing them with the knowledge and tools to enhance their sustainability practices and make informed decisions long after our service is complete.

Customer-Centric Focus

Our clients are our top priority. We tailor our services to meet their unique needs, ensuring their goals are at the forefront of everything we do.

Commitment to Productivity

We value careful planning and adherence to deadlines, ensuring that we deliver high-quality results efficiently and reliably.

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Joyful Collaboration

We strive to make the process of working together enjoyable, fostering a positive and engaging environment where sustainability efforts are a shared, joyful journey.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes, I do travel to clients. Whether you’re local or international, I’m happy to visit your site to provide the best possible service and insights tailored to your specific needs.

While my reports are primarily in English, I can arrange for translation to ensure you receive the information in your preferred language.

My approach is personalized and collaborative. I start with an in-depth consultation to understand your unique needs and goals, followed by a thorough assessment. Throughout the process, I maintain open communication to meet your expectations and provide ongoing support.

Absolutely! I offer virtual consultations to accommodate clients regardless of their location. This flexibility ensures that I can support your sustainability efforts no matter where you are.

After the initial scan, I provide a detailed report with actionable recommendations. We can then discuss ongoing support through our subscription service to help you implement and maintain these improvements over time.

What EnviroHill Stands For

EnviroHill combines my family name with my commitment to the environment, reflecting our dedication to sustainability and the built environment, and our passion for creating greener, healthier spaces.

As an experienced consultant, I bring extensive knowledge and expertise to every project. With certifications as a WELL, LEED, and BREEAM Accredited Professional and a strong foundation in ESG principles, I am equipped to provide comprehensive sustainability scans and guidance. My holistic approach ensures that all aspects of your property and policies are assessed and enhanced.


While I am a generalist with a broad understanding of sustainability, I am not the right consultant for specific installation design needs. Instead, I focus on delivering actionable insights and continuous support to help you achieve and maintain high sustainability standards.


To see all people live and work in buildings that prioritize well-being and sustainability, making continuous improvement a natural and embraced part of everyday life.


To make sustainability the engaging standard for our clients by providing services that transform sustainable practices from a task into a seamless and enjoyable norm.